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Tony Kasper - Control Them EP (BNR730)

Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Artist: Tony Kasper
Title: Control Them EP
Label: Black Nation Recordings
Cat#: BNR730
1. Control Them (6:08)
2. Control Them (Tool Version) (6:08)
3. No Sleep Required (7:15)
4. Strategic Formula (7:17)

Press Release:
Drones over Tehran, black ops, wikitweaks Feel the familiar leash?
Meanwhile, the Midwest Menace captures a nervous world on loop from behind the Black curtain with his second EP, "Control Them." Black: the absence of light. The floods dim at stage left, but Mayans refuse to relent. Lock-step kicks and a spectral bassline spy over your shoulder, star wars spin in indifferent orbit, glowing green ascii asks: "would you like to play a game"?
Control. An epoch streaming through indifferent speaker stacks. Ronnie Raygun, resurrected as the brit Max Headroom, reads from a dot-matrix spool. Did he just say what I thought he said? "Always, always -- things are down to how you Kontrol Them."
On the flip, "No Sleep Required" and "Strategic Formula" channel early Plus 8/Circuit Breaker with a percussive assault and half-bar loops built for big rooms. Bonus beats placate proletariat bread lines scratching platters on the stripped-down "Control Them (Tool Version)."
You thought The Wall fell. But a new hemisphere echoes - bitte kommen Sie jetzt mit mir... Just because you're paranoid, don't mean we're not after you. Black Nation: heating up a cold war near you.

Dave Clarke (white noise radio) - "No Sleep Required might not be true in life but it is on the dance floor, yaay!"
Seth Troxler (Visionquest) - "supporting this big tony on the black will be playing!"
Tuomas Salmela - Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision) - good peak hour slammers
James What (Crosstown Rebels, Murmur, Dessous) - "Control Them" original is my pick here. Nice!
Nadja Lind (Klartraum / Lucidflow) - Will try No Sleep Required
Graeme Reedie (Silicon Soul) - Control Them is really cool thanx
DJ Emerson (freak waves / micro.fon / kiddaz.fm) - downloaded thanks!
Alland Byallo ( Liebe Detail, Floppy Funk, Dirtybird, [KONTROL]) - Dope. I'm a big fan of Tony. Proper cuts!
Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma ) - liking these trax, will try out - thanx guys!
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek) Great release! Thanks for the music! :)
Laurent Garnier - Strategic Formula is the one for me!
Thomas Koch (DJ T, Get Physical) - will download. thank you for the good music!
Nicolas Masseyeff - Control Them is cool thx
Matt Walsh (Turbo) - banging big room stuff here, control them is great!
Eddie Richards Evil Eddie Richards - thanks!
MANDY (Get Physical ) will download. thank you for the good music!
Nathan Barato (Roots & Wings) - Control Them is pretty cool...could use that in the right moment!
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